Completion of the SELPRAF e-training in Slovenia

On Friday, the 12th April was completed the first part of SELPRAF training (e-learning part) for both groups of participants (LJ and CE).

From 5th March to 12th April was in both groups actively involved 140 participants who have completed 3,855 hours of active learning. In communication with peers and tutors they have written 359 posts in forum under 57 different topics, they sent 397 personal messages/questions to the tutors as well as 453 tweets about their experiences with e-learning.

91 participants successfully passed the final test (min. 50%) from the field of Digital competency, Entrepreneurship, and German language. On average they reached 84.4% of the total possible points. Based on pre-defined criteria, we selected the best 32 candidates who will continue training in the Practice firm.

According to the statistics shown, and a large number of very positive opinions of the participants about the content and method of training, we assess the training SELPRAF as very successful!

These exceptional results would not be achieved without a highly motivated participants 🙂



Published: 12th April 2013