The SELPRAF consortium presents a balanced composition of long-term EU members (UK), current members (Slovenia) and candidate country (Croatia). The composition of the consortium is in line with the project’s aim, to promote the acquisition of key competences in VET and to strength the integration of ICT research effort in the area of VET and employment activities.

Most of the institutions working under this initiative have already worked under successful joint initiatives and have established relations of collaboration, respect and openness. The project topic is very close to their present fields of interest – all partners are experienced or with e-learning, developing e-learning contents, working with practice firms, evaluating the project results and have the necessary potential and resources for elaborating high quality e-learning systems and the possibility and will to implement them in practice.

The partnership structure is based on partners competences ensuring: (1) high technology e-learning infrastructure achievements  (B2, JSI), (2) didactical methods in the acquisition of competences (Šentvid High School), (3) experiences in practise firms (Secondary School of Economics Celje), (4) the network of beneficiaries of innovation (ZRSZ, Srednja škola Mate Blažine), (5) pilot training and on-going valorisation (Secondary School of Economics Celje, ZRSZ, JSI) and (6) dissemination (JSI). CPI will be together with the ZRSZ responsible for the needs analysis in the field of the identifications of key competences. The quality of the projects outcomes can only be assessed by partners who have been working in this field for a sufficient period of time; (7) to give a qualified evaluation of the project results (University of Leicester, JSI) and to present their contents to entire Europe in an adequate and expert manner.