Aims and objectives

SELPRAF project is primarily aiming at developing a concrete and innovative SELPRAF Training Programme, which is the optimum instrument to enable the implementation of e-learning for the acquisition of four, mutually interlinked key- competences:

  1. communication in the mother tongue,
  2. communication in foreign languages,
  3. digital competence,
  4. sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and thus enable the specific target group of unemployed (with minimum 4th level of education) to take part in further training within practise firms, which had been developed as an efficient method in the framework of VET modernisation and deregulation system.

The objectives of the SELPRAF project are:

  • to prepare an analyze about the level of previously acquired knowledge and competences within the target group;
  • to establish a SELPRAF Training Programme (development of adopted training curriculum, which consists of two parts:
    • theoretical part for acquisition of four key competences
    • practical work within the practise firm;
  • to develop learning content for the acquisition of four key competences and working in practise firms;
  • to train 48 unemployed people (32 in Slovenia and 16 in Croatia);
  • to ensure the quality of products by systematic evaluation during the lifecycle of the project;
  • to ensure the quality and sustainability of project outcomes by implementation of SELPRAF Training Programme into national VET system and in training programmes of Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZ).